Books by Rob Dunn
23 Oct. 2020, 14:00

How to Write a Book About Science, with Practical Lessons and One Never-Before-Heard Story

This seminar features Professor Rob Dunn, who is a writer, biologist and professor. In this informal virtual conversation Rob will tell us how to write a book about science along with practical lessons and one never-before-heard story. Rob has authored six books, including Every Living Thing, The Wild Life of Our Bodies, The Man Who Touched His Own Heart, and Never Home Alone, and has written for magazines such as National Geographic, Scientific American, Smithsonian Magazine and many others.
24 Sept. 2020, 22:00

Spices in Mesopotamian Food

Every Thursday at 4pm EDT 10 pm Danish time the next few months (with a few exceptions) you can listen to short virtual seminars about the culture, history and science behind the foods you have at home such as beer, cheese and sourdough.

The world’s oldest culinary recipes exist in the form of clay tablets from ancient Babylonia dating to the 18th century BCE. In this talk, Patricia Jurado, Gojko Barjamovic and Pia Sörensen from Harvard University will introduce the history and science of the recipes, as well as their team’s efforts interpreting and reproducing them.