Applied Hologenomics Conference 2024

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Conference Scope

Host-microbe interactions under the microscope

Understanding host-microbiota interactions is increasingly recognised as an essential step to improve the efficacy and efficiency of applied biological processes within medicine, agriculture and nature conservation. As such, the joint study of eukaryotic hosts and their associated microbial communities using molecular tools, namely hologenomics, holds the promise to contribute towards addressing some of the global challenges in the 21st Century. 

The objective of the Applied Hologenomics conference 2024 is to highlight key discoveries and novel approaches that aim at understanding the interactions of plant and animal hosts with their associated microbial communities, which could be directly or potentially applied into management and practice.

In brief this conference will aim to cover these three key questions: 

1. What are the current uses of hologenomics?
2. What societal and industrial needs of the 21st century could be addressed through hologenomic approaches?
3. How can hologenomics be used to link basic and applied research questions?

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