Science Faction: Superheroes at Niels Bohr Festival

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We are excited to present Tom Gilbert in the panel for the Science Faction: Superheroes event, as part of the Niels Bohr Festival on the 3rd of JuneThe theme of the evening is superheroes, in particular Marvel's cinematic universe. The panel play around with science fiction ideas inspired by the films of the evening, but grounded in current research.

The panel consists of:
  • Artificial Intelligence: Christian Igel - Director of the SCIENCE AI center, University of Copenhagen
  • Hologenomics: Tom Gilbert - Director of the Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics, University of Copenhagen
  • Psychology: Nicolai Danielsen - Psychologist specialising in clinical psychology, traumatology, existentialism

Time and place:

The event takes place in Universitetsparken, on the main stage of the Niels Bohr Festival. The festival area is located between DIKU and the Zoological Museum.
The panel starts at 17:30 and will take one hour.