Seminar by Apurva Narechania

Apurva cover

”Hill numbers can do that??: Genomic Epidemiology, Pangenomes, and the Structure of Knowledge”

 In this talk Apurva Narechania from AMNH will try to convince you that Hill numbers are so much more than one interpretation of beta diversity. We’ve used Hill numbers on SARS-COV2 data to track the onset of new variants of concern without phylogeny. We’ve used Hill numbers to characterize pangenomes without annotation or alignment. And we’ve used Hill numbers to understand the novelty of a given academic literature and even a given academic. What’s next?

Apurva Narechania from AMNH will be visiting CEH in the week of 20th Feb. He’s a senior bioinformatician at the American Museum of Natural History, and collaborating with us on several new projects.