Communication and engagement

Our aim is to position the Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics as a hub of communication and engagement in this emerging field, supporting our researchers in retelling the story of life through hologenomics.

Working at the frontier of this new research field, we feel delighted and obliged to share our new findings widely. That is why we aim to spread our knowledge to the world around us in a variety of formats and to a broad range of audiences.


To solidify the research field of hologenomics.

Our communication aims to engage a variety of key audiences and stakeholders: fellow researchers, collaborators, foundations, students, journalists and the broader public. We do this by publishing open access papers, disseminating scientific findings in press releases, video abstracts, podcasts and popular science articles, creating explainer videos of the field’s core concepts, as well as hosting talks and events and creating new experiences aimed at specific parts of our target groups.