Internal Science Café: Ethical publishing

Science cafe

The Science Café is back with a session on August 19 at 3pm!

We are lucky to have the participation of Fernando Racimo, talking about a recent preprint on Ethical publishing.

Ethical publishing: how do we get there?

This is an important topic to reflect on the use of public funding to support for-profit publishers, and how we can achieve open-access publishing in a sustainable way.  

Fernando will give a short presentation on the topic, but it will definitely be a richer discussion if we all could have at least a quick look at the paper 😊

WhatScience Café is a space to get together and discuss science related topic and occasionally run small tutorials and workshops. Importantly, also to have interaction between different groups and sub-sections.

Who: everyone is welcome!

When: Friday August 19 at 3pm (followed by Friday beers)

Where: the lunchroom on the 2nd floor (CCS)

We hope to see you there!

Jazmin, Lennart and Hernán