Internal Science café: Crazy project ideas

Science cafe

Science café is back and the next session will be on Friday December 2nd at 3 pm and the topic is: crazy science project ideas that you've always wanted to realize but you've never had the funding, team, instruments or even expertise. 
As you can imagine, we rely very much on your input with this session, so we'd like to ask you to brainstorm in advance, write down some notes or even put together 1-2 slides to pitch your idea! Feel free to reach out to one of us (Jazmin, Hernán or Lennart) to announce your pitch so we get a feeling if this will actually work or not ;) Don't worry if you haven't thought every aspect through, after all science is not about doing what works and what everyone else is doing already. 

If you're not sure what such a project idea would sound like, here is a small example: when I first started filtering water samples for eDNA, I got very frustrated with filters clogging up, all the cleaning of sampling gear and huge amounts of waste produced in the process of extracting DNA. I thought it would be awesome to develop some kind of passive sampler, which binds the DNA in the field, and then you just retrieve it after a certain period of time and wash off the DNA. During the next conference I attended, I found out that people have actually been working on this!  

What: Science Café will be a space to get together, discuss science, bring up issues/announcements/celebrations, and occasionally run small tutorials and workshops. Importantly, also to have interaction between different groups and sub-sections.

Who: everyone is welcome!

When: the first Friday of every month

Where: the lunchroom on the 2nd floor

We hope to see you there!

Jazmin, Lennart and Hernán