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Communication Responsible at Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics Christina Lehmkuhl Noer

"My key role is to make sure that our internal and external communication is on point so that our findings within the exciting new research field Hologenomics reach and engage with our target audiences."

Project and Communications Manager for the 3D'omics project Ella Lattenkamp 

"I am responsible for the management and outreach activities of the EU Horizon 2020 funded project ”3D’omics”, which aims to generate 3D reconstructions of intestinal host-microbiota ecosystems."

Scientific Manager for the Earth Hologenome Initiative Aoife Mary Leonard 

"Our goal with the Earth Hologenome Initiative is to facilitate a network of interdisciplinary researchers interested in wild animal-microbiota systems globally, and encourage knowledge sharing to enable reproducible and comparable research"

Project and Outreach Manager for the FindingPheno project Marie Sorivelle

"I am responsible for management of FindingPheno, facilitating internal and external communication, and increasing end-users awareness of our statistical solutions and ways it can help develop microbiome related solutions towards more sustainable and future proofed production in biological systems."

Student Assistant at Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics Kaja Wendel Christensen