Cell and organoid laboratory

The cell and organoid laboratory is a new infrastructure created in late 2022 to research on cell cultures, organoids and organ-on-a-chip models within the Globe Institute. This specialised laboratory enables high-quality in vitro research on host-microbiota interactions to be conducted, complementing the possibilities provided by the molecular biology facilities in which it is embedded.







Group leader

Ostaizka Aizpurua

Assistant Professor


Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Carlotta Pietroni Postdoc +4535334841 E-mail
Jorge Felipe Lima Teixeira Postdoc +4535335784 E-mail
Kees Blijleven Research Assistant +4535333616 E-mail
Ostaizka Aizpurua Arrieta Assistant Professor +4535334913 E-mail
Sandra Breum Andersen Associate Professor +4535337779 E-mail