The Neanderthal's Cookbook

A picture of neanderthal utensils

Join Rob Dunn and Rebecca Wragg Sykes to learn some Neanderthal recipes! Sykes has recently published the best-selling book, Kindred considering the story of Neanderthals in light of her own research and new discoveries. Dunn, who has, along with Monica Sanchez, just published a new book about the evolution of flavor and its role in human evolution, Delicious, will talk to Sykes about the Neanderthal cooking, Neanderthal tastes and the extent to which Neanderthals had local culinary cultures. Sykes and Dunn close their conversation with a recipe for a Neanderthal-inspired mixed drink.

The virtual talk will be on Thursday April 15th at 1 PM EDT 19 PM Danish time. Read more and sign up here: