Scientific figure-making workshop

Figure example

PI and Associate Professor Antton Alberdi from Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics who is a very skilled and experienced figure-maker invites everyone interested at CEH to an internal workshop about scientific figure-making on the 3rd of December 2021 (venue to be decided based on the number of attendees). 

Please find the preliminary agenda below.

Morning session 1 (55 min)
10:00 Introduction to the workshop
10:10 Discussion based on pre-workshop homework assignment
10:30 Minilecture 1: types and aim of scientific figures
10:55 Break

Morning session 2 (55 min)
11:05 Dynamic lecture: key scientific and artistic considerations for sound figure-making
12:00 Lunch break

Afternoon session 1 (55 min)
13:00 Minilecture 2: key technical considerations and available tools for sound figure-making
13:15 Minilecture 3: introduction to ggplot2
13:25 Exercise 1 (R): raw chart plotting with ggplot2.
13:55 Break

Afternoon session 2 (55 min)
14:00 Minilecture 4: introduction to Inkscape
14:25 Exercise 2 (Inkscape): figure modification and polishing
15:00 End of workshop

The deadline for signing up is the 10th of November - the sign up link can be found in the email sent out internally by Antton Alberdi.