A Neanderthal Cook-A-Long

A Bonfire

Wragg Sykes and Rob Dunn will return, this time along with food writer, food stylist and cookery teacher Anna Burges-Lumsden for a Neanderthal cook-a-long. Anna will walk listeners through a Neanderthal inspired meal. As she does, Wragg Sykes and Dunn will highlight additional details about what we do and don’t about how Neanderthals prepared and enjoyed their meals. Anna’s recipes will be chosen so that they can be made at home – see them here!

The virtual cook-a-long will be on Monday April 19th at 12.30 PM EDT 18.30 PM Danish time. Read more and sign up here: https://ceh.ku.dk/news/2021/spring-2021-fermentology-line-up/